Friday, 9 April 2010

caffe latte, tea cake, & bzzzzzz

9 apr 2010

The chatting today with Hilra at BB’s cafe was great. it is in the Mall Marlands, very strategically located as we get out of Matalan. we decided to meet there for a cup of coffee and updates on our news because she has not come to uni very often lately. we met about 9.30 and talked nonstop until almost 2 o'clock in the afternoon. we always talk about life, studies, plans, dreams, whatever one word inspires as the chain is quite free and maybe wouldn't make sense to some people as it does for us.
i really loved our coffee with loads of words today. we had caffe latte with teacake to eat. when time came she had o go pick up her kids at school. i went to uni to work a little, not much as i am out of insiration these days. still wondering wha should plug me back into real world.

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