Thursday, 8 April 2010

new connections? (part 2)

about 7 apr 2010

Dine with wine tasting at the White Star Taven

I am back home from meeting with the folks from Southampton meet up social club I registered online and joined this particular group because I’m interesting in meeting people in this area. We met at the White Star Tavern. this pub is on Oxford Street, a charming little street with bars, restaurants nearby Ocean Village. very nice area. i lived around that area for fours months last year. the street has got a bohemian grove.

The meeting was actually an evening of dine with wine tasting: the Alsace / Germany / Austria wine club. All of the wines we had were very good. At some point I decided I should slow down because I get drunk very quickly. Below is the complete menu. We all had the wines. Regarding the food I list here what I ate. All portions are quite good and small, which is a plus for the ones on a diet. I like to try different foods.

Wine 1 – Friendly Gruner - Veltliner Laurenz; 2 – Dr Loosen Botrytis Riesling Beerenauslese;

Starter: Isle of Wight blue ’strudel’, a nice sort of pastry wrapping cheese and mushroom.

Wine 3 – cave de Turckheim pinot noir

Main dish: Choucroute dressed sauerkraut, three continental sausages, ham hock, bacon & potatoes. I would have left the sausages cooking for a bit longer. But it was fine.

Wine 4 – Riesling “H” Rheingau Prinz von Hessen Germany

It was a pleasant night, and I met these new people and had a great chat with Helen and her husband, Andy. Richard and Peter also were there. Helen, Andy, Richard and I walked back in city centre to catch our transportations home. Helen and Andy got a bus somewhere to their place, which is not too far from Southampton, and I walked until the city centre with Richard. I stayed there to catch my Unilink bus and he kept walking down to the train station to travel to Salisbury. No one was driving that night as the plan was to drink alcohol. Peter was riding his bike and apparently lives nearby the restaurant. There are plans for other meetings sometime soon.

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