Wednesday, 27 April 2011

groupon pizza

27 apr 2011

thank you so much fo the groupon voucher, ines. we went to chambers and had the two pizzas, two portions of chips and two drinks. mike and i liked the drinks best. we both found the pizzas a bit hard, but not too bad, and ate them all. it was a fantastic present and we are very very thankful to you for thinking of us for your voucher. we had a great time at chambers. this was the first time i made use of the groupon voucher, a great idea for both customers and sellers, i believe. it was our first time at this pub. it had quite a few people eating with the voucher, which has apparently been a big success. in brazil 'groupon' is called 'compra coletiva'. oh the internet and its endless possibilities.

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  1. Glad you both liked it. I am using groupon for about 5 months and has been very good indeed.

    Hope see you soon.

    Take Care Morena.

    bjs Ines