Wednesday, 13 April 2011

switzerland: le moleson mountain, gruyeres

about saturday 9 april 2011

didier, fran, and i went to moleson mountain, in gruyeres, the city of the cheese with the same name. again it was a beautiful spring day. we went up in a nice and modern telepheric. we stayed up there for nearly two hours, appreciating the breathtaking landscape. the swiss alps are really very special. moleson mountain is also a good option for skiing.

there weren't many people around that day and the restaurant was actually closed. we didn't care. all we wanted was to appreciate nature and take photos, many photos. on the way to the city of gruyeres we pass by so many beautiful little towns. we also see many vinyards along the road. what a beauty switzerland is! it is a highly organised country, where everything is planned to happen and to remain orderly. it is unbelievably expensive, too. but the point here is the unforgetable beauty of the alps and the peace we experience up in the mountains.

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