Sunday, 3 April 2011

mother's day

3 apr 2011

it is Mother's Day here today. in brazil it is only on the second sunday of may. i called my mom anyway and said 'happy mother's day' to her. restaurants offer a special menu and some families book a table to have a happy (and expensive) meal at these restaurants. this advert if from the cowherds, one of my favorite pubs, ever, which happens to be located two-minute walk from where i live.  it was for a good while my number one; but now considering that i have been to many other pubs in town it is still quite good, but i can be happy there as well as in other places. mike and i went to a great pub the other day in shirley. oh pubs. how good am i to write about it? well well, i am entitled to my own impressions, right? i want them. but the point is that the post was supposed to be about mother's day.

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