Tuesday, 12 April 2011

back home from switzerland

12 apr 2011

bon jour!
i got back home from Switzerland last night. it was an unforgetable four-day trip to visit my old time dear friend Francinete. yes, it was fantastic! the whole trip was so magic: from the endless and nice and relaxed chats with fran to the visit to the mountains and to some very beautiful cities in switzerland. fran and her husband Didier are great hosts. i had, to say the least, a memorable time with my friends. let's hope my load of work around here this week allows me some time to come post about some of the things we did together in detail. my facebook is already loaded with photos.


  1. aah imagino como deve ser tudo de bom por la. posta mais fotos :)

  2. oi Cintia,
    pois eh, tudo muito lindo. vou publicar mais fotos e contar historias :-)