Monday, 4 April 2011

getting things done

4 apr 2011
the common - photo taken yesterday 3 apr 2011 - the joyful first days of spring
sometimes i think a situation is so difficult i need much time to prepare myself before i face it, in a way that i will, yes, succeed. today was the day to turn last weeks’ plans into practice. i thought i would feel fear and really have the hardest time even getting to the place, and doubted my skills to express myself although i was so certain of what i want to say. i considered postponing it, as i have done to a good amount of difficult situations in my life, and wait for some confidence to come to me from elsewhere. i even tried the pottery painting course to spend the next hours and therefore be distracted from thinking about the issue of the day, but they close on mondays. was it another sign that i was meant to face the music? yes, today was definitely the day and i looked in the very inside of myself and saw a determined woman, with nothing to fear and a decision which had no reason to be put on hold. it was I who did everything, with the priceless help of my cousin Eduardo, with whom i talked for over two hours last night. i am the woman who today took a very significant towards freedom, the freedom of my soul.

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  1. it sounds so universal
    all of us are confronted with what u felt
    i'm glad you feel eliberated from the fear!! the beginning of the conquest of our fears...