Friday, 15 April 2011

switzerland: montreux & cooking

about sunday 10 april 2011

l'amour au bord du leman
one more thing about montreux i would like to share here: the countless couples who spend hours by the lake, some in silence, some chatting, some cuddling, some eating, some dreaming, all in love.

le plat du jour
we went back home and to eat le plat du jour. it was a very sophisticated grilled lamb with mushroom sauce and risoto and vegetables on the side, all prepared by my dear fran. the woman knows the tricks! red wine to help taste the banquet and to spice up our chat.

fondant au chocolat was the dessert. God save my soul for i have been in sin. amem!


  1. Eu quero alguém assim para cozinhar para mim!

  2. That's so interesting about the couples!

  3. haaaaaaa voce precisa ver a figura. ela eh eletrica, exuberante, mexe com os bracos e as maos e gosta de deixar claro que sabe o que ta fazendo.