Friday, 29 April 2011

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29 apr 2011

my tv is still not working. i watched the royal wedding at mike's place, and found the official protocol for the ceremony very beautiful. i was impressed to see various members of the church celebrating the wedding. i loved the sermon the bishop of london made. he said many important and true things about marriage and how every wedding is a royal one for the groom and the bride are the king and the queen at the occasion; and that this represents the beginning of a new life, which will flow through them. it was moving.

it is the Church of England, not a Catholic Church, but in my ignorance i was surprised to see them say Our Father prayer, which for me was Catholic only. maybe it is a Christian prayer. the bride was astonishingly beautiful and elegant. the groom looked concentrated, very handsome and and nothing nervous. Kate and William looked very much connected to each other.

they had nearly 2,000 guests for the ceremony at the church. then, 650 guests for the reception at Buckingham palace afterwards; and even fewer guests for the evening reception at clarence house, offered by Prince Charles. Kate and William are now the Duchess and the Duke of Cambridge and will live in Wales, where he works.

i took many photos from the tv screen while watching the wedding and chose this one because it shows another sample of the protocol they follow: when they pass by the Cenotaph, William does the military salute and Kate lowers her head, in respect to the war soldiers. the Cenotaph is a monument and represents an empty tomb in honour of the people who died and whose remains are elsewhere, i.e. soldiers from a war.

that was i, witnessing history.

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