Thursday, 14 April 2011

music: simone felice in winchester

about yesterday, 13 apr 2011

last night mike, johnny, and i went to see simone felice's show at the railway in winchester. there are always nice gigs at this venue. felice's show was organised by oliver, a friend of mike's. it was my third time at the venue with mike. the show happened in the room upstairs that could fit 80 people, and was sold out. it was really very good. why is it that the artist sounds so different in a show from when we listen to him in a cd? we went to winchester listening to felice's music, but the presence of the great artist was fantastic. (what an obvious observation). simone felice is a young man who already had an open heart surgery. this was last summer, as he told us in the show. we were sitting at the front row, very close to him, and got to give him a hug afterwards. cool! before the show he sat for a little while in the sofa reading this book of his, called "black Jesus". when the concert was finished he remained at the venus autographing the book. mike bought one for himself.

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