Friday, 15 April 2011

switzerland: montreux

about sunday 10 apr 2011
it took me long to decide on the few photos from the trip to montreux to post here. the whole trip, the amazing cities we passed by on our way to montreux and the city itself are incredibly charming and beautiful. oh, so beautiful! yes, nature was generous to switzerland. i will now post the photos here so that they translate a bit what i experienced on the 10th of april with my friend fran and her husband didier:
- a taste of the place where the famous music festival has happened for decades - beautiful people - a gorgeous sunny day - breathtaking mountains - a long and relaxing walking by lac leman - and some refreshing ice cream to wrap up. what a trip!!!

this is the Nestle head office. we passed by it on the way to Montreux.

the Grand Hotel du Lac is very charming. it is close to Lac Leman in Montreux.

view from the car. getting to the lake front we can already appreciate the swiss alps.

people everywhere enjoying the sunny day. one of the cafes by the lake front.

fancy a boat ride?
these flats face the lake. i sent out the papers to rent one for the summer.

Fran is an old and very good friend of mine. we probably met around 1992, when i started working at yazigi as an english teacher. she taught french there. she had already lived in switzerland as a young girl with her aunt raimunda. she has now been living in switzerland for a good number of years, but every time she went back to brazil and i was there we got together. we have followed up on the events of our lives all this time. she has three kids: martina, who lives in geneva and studies law, and igor and gabriela, who are now living in brazil. i had a great time catching up with my friend and travelling around with her and her adorable husband, didier. martina is doing great and  speaks an impecable french. fran and didier live in cheserex - in a lovely and large apartment - with didier's two boys from his previous marriage.


  1. Kalina
    Agora que tenho mais tempo, eu resolvi entrar no seu blog. Que lugar bonito este! Nada mais encandor do que ver flores, ouvir uns pássaros cantando. Fico com a alma renovada. Eu notei que você *assina* as fotos com o nome do teu blog. Achei muito interessante. Como é que você faz isso? Bjs

  2. oi Chantal,
    que bacana receber sua visita aqui. eu adoro seus textos, seu carinho com a nossa lingua portuguesa e com nosso brasil. sou sua fa, de verdade.
    a suica eh bela!!! eu uso o 'PhotoScape' que baixei do eh gratis e a gente pode fazer muita coisa com as fotos. eh beeem facil de usar. se quiser te dou mais dicas. eh uma forma de marcar a foto, meu trabalho :-) quando a foto nao eh minha, nao ponho a marca d'agua.