Tuesday, 12 April 2011

switzerland: geneva at night

about friday 8 april 2011

as i said in the last post, i got off the bus, met with fran and went back to the 'missao brasileira', where she works. it is a brazilian diplomatic mission in geneva. there we ate our food: i had quinoa salad and a slice od salmon pizza. my food was very good. she had a tomato and cheese with basil salad and chicken. it was about 5pm and we were hungry from a long day.

we left the 'missao do brasil' later on and walked again around other parts of the city and through different parks. it felt great to be in a safe place where you can just walk wherever and be certain the chances of having something bad (violence) to happen to you are very slim. well, i even played this giant chess at the park. geneva is just as beautiful at night. i love the night lights and to see life taking another pace. we walk still a lot until we got to cuba cafe. it is the place fran and didier had their second date. *memories*. we went with some light drinks; i tried passion fruit beer - very very good. i also had panache, called shandy here in the uk, it is a mix of carbonated lemonade and beer. i had never had in the uk and really like the drink. it gives the beer a special taste and i suspect it might make it easier for some people who are not so fond of beer to have it, because the taste of the carbonated lemonade plays a trick.

two other brazilian girls joined us for the night. aparecida, from bahia - brazil, is married to a spaniard, had two kids and has been living in switzerland for ten years. luciene, from rio de janeiro, is married to a swiss man and has a 2-year old boy. she two has been living in switzerland for ten years. luciene was driving and stayed at cuba cafe for a while and chatted and chatted and chatted about so many things.

then we were headed for this brazilian / latino party happening at 'paquis', a neighbourhood in geneva. part of the way we did on a tram and got to a car park for luciene's car. at the party i was amazed: i had never seen such a massive concentration of brazilians in one single space abroad in my life. i had no idea they were that many in switzerland. we stayed there until nearly 2am. the music was great and inviting to dance, but i was really very tired at that point. on the way back home i fell asleep in the car. they all live in cities very close to geneva. luciene drove us all home. what a start!!!

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