Wednesday, 13 April 2011

switzerland: fribourg & cooking

about saturday 9 april 2011

after the moleson mountain in gruyeres we visited this beautiful city called fribourg. i think all cities in switzerland are beautiful. on the way to fribourg we again passed by some small towns driving throught the perfectly paved swiss roads. in fribourg we walked around town, sat by a cafe where didier and fran had coca cola and i had two cups of tea, one of green and one of verbena tea to fight a massive headache i had.

as i had predicted, the tea saved my day. we walked around to appreciate the day, the many people in the streets, mostly because of the good weather, and the old buildings of the city and the spring flowers already blossoming everywhere. the photos will never be capable of showing the real beauty of any place. just like life itself, to feel the taste and the colours, one has to travel and interact with the atmosphere. when we travel we see so much more than can be registered in a photograph or in a blog entry. in other words, life cannot be that manageable, it cannot be all expressed in words or images, it is to be lived, experienced; and from each one's experience different colours may be reported. i just started thinking now about the point in posting photos and trying to say words which i feel are not enough or fully truthful to what i saw. here again i need to face limitations and work around them.

when we got back home fran decided to cook a special dinner for us: salmon with spinach and feta cheese in a puff pastry wrap. it goes in the oven for about 25 minutes and then you need to grill it. on top of the big wrap she poured a curry sauce. on the side we had rice. and wine. it was soooo good! it is all very easy to do.

for dessert we prepared this apple pie, but to be eaten tomorrow only. fran taught to cook those things. she is such a talented and creative cook. she is also well organised and does a lot in quite a short time. i was much impressed.


  1. Quero tanto lá ir... Que fotos fantásticas :)

  2. que lindo, Xana. sim, a Suica eh bela.
    beijinhos e Boa Pascoa pra voce.