Thursday, 10 June 2010

from a doll

10 june 2010

Clarissa sent me this nice card today, with these birds bringing her message. what for? just to say hello and brighten up my day. what a wonderful surprise to know she thought of me. there is nothing more sincere and genuine than a child's demonstration of affection. i found it so lovely that she wanted to actually write me the card. next time i meet her i'll give her a big hug. she is soo cute and lovely and funny and lively. children teach us a great deal about the magic of innocence and pure love. why do we forget all the spontaneity as we grow up? we were supposed to become wiser.


  1. Esqueceu de dizer que a mensagem estava de cabeca para baixo, segundo a propria LOL.

  2. foi mesmo. eh uma boneca muito linda ela.