Friday, 4 June 2010

please don't go, mat

4 june 2010

we went to 'the crown inn' today as one of the many farewell get togethers Mathilde had been attending in the last days. what a marathon. the crown inn is on of those pubs which are always crowded no matter the day. but we were lucky to find a good table and have a good time and chat. mat came by a little later because she had another farewell party at the common park with our flatmates. i couldn't come to this one because i was a the office. mat went to both. so many hugs and nice words of friendship, accomplishment, longing, and life. nice mat is friends with just about everybody. there is youth, joy, dreams, and life in her. May God keep you strong and adorable, Mat. always.
we= agota (hungary), diana (rumania), me (brazil), mat - mathilde (belgium), and karla (brazil)

note: 'the crown inn' is this nice and always crowded pub close to uni; actually strategically located between the avenue and the highfield campuses. it is never easy to find a table there if you don't make a reservation, particularly on a friday, i think. we were lucky to walk there and get a nice table for us. we stayed there until nearly midnight. agota walked back home with diana because they are house mates. mat, karla, and i walked back home together, not through the forest this time of day, because it is not safe when there is no daylight, bt we felt quite safe to walk home. again, i love to think i walk a lot here. i has never imagined i would walk so many places and so often and be so happy about it in my life. it does help happy a good night sleep. mat and i are flatmates. karla is visiting uni to decide whether she'll come to study her master's degree here or somewhere else. it just feels so safe and convenient to be in the office and after office hours walks a couple of blocks to reach a cozy, typical english pub, where we can sit, eat, drink, and chat away. . . cheers!

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