Monday, 28 June 2010

le plat du jour: food and thought

28 june 2010

le plat: pizza and a great chat

l'assiete: null

la boisson: diet coke for me, orange juice for hilra.

dear nene,
it was great to enjoy part of this warm summer day with you in highfield, first walking to the stag's head, then going to your office. LOL the music was loud, huh. i'm glad we found this time to have a meal together and catch up a little on our endless conversations. ah, the pizza was good, wasn't it? i like it there but it is too much per person if we are two only. it becomes ideal for three people. anyway, for the rest of the day i only ate grapes and had a cup of tea. my name is guilt.

it is always interesting how we talk about so many things and never lose track of the topic. is it a woman thing or is it that we really trust each other and thus feel free to talk whatever? people may think women talk most of the time about foolish things. that is not our case. thanks a lot for the truthful tips on that subject. i really appreciate them. when i am back from Brazil we'll get together and talk more.

big hugs,

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  1. missing you loads already. went to the stag heads two days ago just to grab a pizza for me and two other hungry ones with me, we I was going to "fazer serao" and did not have time for anything before. Well, the queue was so impossible, especially for my company to wait. So, we gave up (with lots of complaints, of course) and went to the vending machine :P

    So, I am still waiting for you to get another go on those nice pizzas. Got it? LOL

    Yes, our conversations are endless, meaningful and usually with lots of fun! I hope my advice can help. Thank you for listening to my story on the other subject.
    And yes, when you're back, you have to make some time to meet your "xara", poor little thing LOL.

    Luv xxxx