Sunday, 6 June 2010

a tout a l'heure, mat

6 june 2010

dear mat,
it was magic to have your presence here with us this semester. i am  not going to lament on your leaving, because i am certain we'll get to meet up again shortly. you are a lovely girl, and a very caring friend. so many nice things we managed to do together in the not so long time you spent here. the alice film and the flamenco dance and the shakespeare play were all highlights of out time together. i was so glad that you took my friends as your own friends so easily. my heart is sad, but i know that you have many other important deeds to accomplish back home in brussels. really, hope to see you again soon.

please say hello to big joaquim, your man, and to lili, your cutie little niece. i will never forget our conversation about life and how we relate to people who are important to us. thanks a lot for opening up about you and for listening to my lament on 'stuff' :-) i do hold that talk of ours precious. life can be so challenging at times, huh. but never forget i am here for you, my wonderful friend. i am dreaming of coming to visit you sometime in the near future. love you, kalina.

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