Friday, 25 June 2010

le plat du jour: feeding body & soul

25 june 2010

today I still felt a little lost with the crumb of freedom I have now from the many recent responsibilities. I came to the office today wearing the official Brazilian shirt and went to watch the second half of the match Brazil vs Portugal at the Stag’s head. Not much emotion, it was a draw, but we’re safe, that should make up for a reason for celebration, I think. on my way back home i stopped Somerfield, a local supermarket, and this guy started talking football with me. he wanted a chat but at present i don't have enough information to carry out a proper conversation, i'm afraid, but we still had a nice chat.

le plat: Then I came home, hungry and thinking I do need to cook up some of the food I have in the house. i just put two veggie burgers with sliced mushrooms in a tray, sprinked salt, chilly and olive oil on them, and put it in the oven to bake for about 20 minutes. the burgers were frozen. the mushrooms look dark, but the 'plat' tasted fantastic. when i was making the food one of my flatmates said it smelled really good. i added seasticks to the plate and voila! it was surprisingly different and turned out better than i expected, considering my lack of planning for the cooking and my natural inability to cook good food.

l'assiete: dark lindt chocolat

la boisson: english tea. i had a banquet today. really loved the different food, with no carbo this time. i only ate one of the great veggie burgers, saved the other one for another meal.

other than finding time to cook some, i started to read a good yesterday, as i feel the need to feed my soul with other words, other images, freer and maybe more poetic. please don't get me wrong, i love my readings, really do, but want to vary a bit. doing the fun reading makes me feel like someone who can afford a luxrious hobby. ok, so yesterday i started reading 'time was soft there', from Jeremy Mercer. he worked as a jounalist who specialized in crimes in Canada. in the book he tells of his experience of living in the Shakespeare and company bookstore in Paris. the book is very interesting and Jeremy a great writer. i actually contacted him the other day through email and he replied to me. Everytime i speak with someone famous i remember my cousin Silvana saying i never lose the habit of approaching famous people. why is that? maybe a symptom. i am, with the good food and the good book feeding body & soul :-) cheers!

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