Sunday, 13 June 2010

le plat du jour

13 june 2010

le plat: mash potatoes, avocado, and seastick.
i am not sure this plate of mine looks very attractive for some people, but fact is it was really good and different. i loved to have the avocado with the mash and the seastick. it was, for me, a complete meal.

le gateau: null

la boisson: taiwanese tea

it was also 'plat of the jour' the long, very long journey on campus. at first on the avenue campus, where i stayed all day, until about 5.30 pm. when everyone leaves the office i can't stay there alone. i simply cannot make it. i don't know why but i don't feel like staying there alone.

so, at about 5.30 i went to highfield campus. there i met hsuyia and jenny and chatted with them for a while at the cafe. were went there to eat something. we were all there on a sunday obviously to study. jenny is finishing up her MA dissertation. hsuyia will have her upgrade in a few days; so, she is now reading up more studies to keep cool. i stayed on campus until 10pm. when i left it was quite cold and i was quite tired, but feeling that i ha done the right thing. i always thing i have to make the right choices, and most of the time i don't make the right choices in my life. it takes me forever to 'get the picture', but i'll get there. back home i just had some cereal with milk to eat. bed is so inviting now.

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