Thursday, 3 June 2010

ready for the inspection

3 june 2010

today i will have a guest who's staying until saturday with me. karla is a student from the university of leeds and will come to the uni of southampton for her MA in applied linguistics. she already has the acceptance letter from the department and is coming now to visit the city and the uni premises and services.

well, last night, while i was vacuuming the room and 'hiding' stuff and putting some things away to both open space and to look a bit more organized i laughed thinking i was doing that in the same way i have done the cleaning up for the room inspection we have in the halls during school year. it was funny. i mean, i do clean up and organizer my room and i do like it, but not just now. in the end the room looks neat.

i'll pick karla up from the coach station at 6pm. she's traveling through london, where she changes buses. a looong trip, but much cheaper by coach than by plane or train.

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