Saturday, 19 June 2010

le plat du jour

19 june 2010

le plat: steamed asparagus, seastick and stuffed cabbage. i seasoned this veggie salad with olive oil and chilly. it tasted good. plus rice and meat the burger i inherited from mat before she left.

le gateau: lindt dark chocolate

la boisson: english tea.

note: i always have the dessert together with the tea. my lunch today was very delicious. i was surprised myself. it had been a long while since i last cooked because i've basically been busy and eating on campus every day. i now have veggetables that are going old and will probably have to go to the bin soon. hehehe i also steamed broccoli but forgot to eat them with the meal. oh my! to feed the soul, well, good jazz all day long.

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