Sunday, 6 June 2010

the list, the draft

6 junho 2010
these are notes, a list, a first draft of some events and ideas for posts here in the blog. i plan to write them, but time not always allows. the list has not made a trip to the bin, i do want to talk about the points i marked when they were happening this week, not certain of when exactly. i have been so busy. can i complain? yes i can but i don't think i should.

i am the type of writer who never sees a piece as finished the first time i touch it. i like to draft, think about it, let it sleep a little, work more on it, until i have the feeling i have accomplished my purpose. it is possible for me to do it in my academic work, which pleases me. writing and revising, editing, deleting, adding up information to a text is such an entertaining activity. 

however, here in the blog i exercise on developing a different approach to writing. i want and need it to be more relaxed, freer, and something that should not take up much of my time. whenever it does, it is stealing time which should be devoted to  my priority here, my academic work. this is why i try to go simpler and ultimately find a balance between dedicating the necessary time to my study and still posting in the blog. i have come to appreciate the blog posting a great deal. it is very good in many ways, but this is topic for a different post. oh, Lord! i believe i go back to every single post and do a little revision or add up details because i think it is not clear enough when i read it. this is the third time i write on this one here. and am done with it now. i am kalina, the editing woman. nice to meet you.

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