Friday, 18 June 2010

marwell wildlife

18 june 2010

i went today with ines, julia and melissa to marwell wildlife, the hampshire zoo, located in eastleigh. they picked me up at uni and off we went to the zoo. it was a nice surprise to discover this area here so close to home. i would never go to a zoo unless invited, which was the case. the whole space is wide and beautiful. they have bbq areas and all sort of support people might need. it was a special day and they had so many volunteers, i really loved it.

we walk through the park for about three hours. stopped for a picnic and walked again, seeing the animals and the many people there. the picnic area is great. well, the whole zoo is a great venue for anyone spend some hours of the day. by the way, they also have a special place which they rent out for social events like weddings.
along the way we encontered characters the kids could greet and have photos with. the bee was cute and friendly. i was glad to find the animals interesting and even beautiful. i am not, really, the animal lover type of person, but i did enjoy seeing the huge giraffes, the very very beautiful zebras, and others i don't even know the name. the ones in the picture below are in 'the lion king'. so cool!!! the ostrich was nice to see, too.  
besides the animals as attraction there were some funny things the kids could do. julia and melissa and a bunch of other kids got into the firefighters car with the helmet on to pretend they were driving.

so nice! the visit to the zoo was a perfect programme to wrap up this difficult and tense week, until yesterday. when they dropped me off home it was almost 10pm. i had a wonderful night of sleep after the many emotions of the week. it is fantastic to vary the environment, the focus of the thoughts and the talk and the setting. this way i put new images and many unimagined possibilities in my mind. love it!!! thanks a lot for inviting me along, inezita.

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