Wednesday, 2 June 2010

nice match

02 june 2010

i had just about two scoops of this nice ice cream today. it's vanilla ice cream with mint chocolate powder on top of it, of those that come in little packs to be hot drinks. i felt no guilt this time because the ice cream is diet and the chocolate powder is just a little bit. moreover, the nice effect on me is very good. i need to please myself sometimes, and in these warmer days i feel like having something really fresh and cold, like an ice cream, especially after a mean. this is my process: 1. i have my meal; 2. i brush teeth; and 3. then i have dessert and drink tea. why waste the good taste, huh?


  1. hummmm.... adorooo gelado :)

  2. delicia, Xana, e sem pecado, porque era diet o gelado. Oh Lord :-)