Saturday, 19 June 2010

lava roupa todo dia, que alegria

19 june 2010
today i decided to stay home and put some order here after the many days i've been busy and with no chance whatsoever to tidy up the place. my plans now are to have a new start around here, getting rid of old papers and opening up spaces for my next steps in my research. i always start off by organizing the place. it does give me a better perspective in mind and i can definetely work better from there. actually, i believe the disposition of my belongings in my room tell a lot about my mind, i mean, of how much messed up or at peace it is.

for this reason, first thing in the morning i made myself a nice and fresh cup of coffee and had it with bread and butter. oh, and tasteless weight watchers cheese. it's simple stuff but i like it very much. i never have bread for breakfast during the week. with no exception for breakfast on weekdays i have cereal with milk, and yogurt if i have it, and fruits, if i have any. cereal with green tea. this is the perfect meal for good digestion throughout the day for me.

next, i did big time laundry, two loads, plus ten 'delicate' pieces that i hand washed right here in the room and hanged in the curtain mill. hehehe they look gorgeous there, don't they? washing up clothes and putting them away is always a powerful thing to make to me feel i am getting somewhere.

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