Sunday, 2 May 2010

agota's soothing breakfast

2 may 2010

i woke up quite early - about 9am - and read the material i had on me. ying, our chinese friend, just came back from data collection. she brought her husband and her child along this time to live here with her for the time of her phd. her husband will start a phd somewhere soon, too. i did not go down to speak with yang because i really wanted to do some reading, great reading, by the way.

agota brought me coffee in the bedroom and received ying and her family. diana went down, too. after they were gone agora prepared a super breakfast for us three. veggie omelette, toast, and fresh coffee. we talked lots again. when diana and i left the house to go to hartley library it was past 1pm.

i stayed at hartley until almost 7pm, and got a little done. it was a very nice weekend, but i need to work. of course there was a pause for coffee at lattes cafe with ahmed and diana. maybe i am registering these to have the truth before my eyes. i do need to focus more on my studies. anyway, i do focus on it, during the week and everyday, during the day. hilra suggested i try and put all duties for the day so that i don't have to cancel the social life, which is not really that hectic, to be honest. she is so right and this wise piece of advice has come in good time.

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