Monday, 31 May 2010

the significant little

31 may 2010

i look around me and see nothing. i keep looking, i stare as i don't believe nothing is all there is out there. and because i keep looking i find it. not much, not what i want, but what is real. sometimes i have the impression that my plans, my dreams are based on ideals, on sand castles. but then i realize the dreams, the utopias, are necessary as a first step. there is no problem at all in being an idealist (a mild one), as long as i can manage real world. this is the big lesson, to be able to work around the possibilities, to be able to make the necessary adjustments, and to keep dreaming. every little move is significantly big and a sign of accomplishment. and i have to keep staring to be able to spot it, to concentrate, to listen to the inspiring birds. cheers!


  1. Lindo! Amei. Parece que foi escrito pra mim :)
    Bom resto de semana, nene

  2. we ride the same boat, nene
    what is the 'it'?