Tuesday, 25 May 2010

le plat du jour

25 may 2010
i stayed home all day today.
had planned to go to avenue. did not go.
planned to go for a walk. did not go.
planned to go the supermarket. did not go.

at least i have done some reading. i got today in the mail a book i bought just a few days ago: freire's 'letters to cristina', which was a friend's suggestion. i already love the book. i read only the first letter so far, but have checked out the whole book.

i also cooked, which is important. i stir fried these dried chinese mushrooms which i had been soaking for two days. let it simmer for a while, added chilly, petit pois, and the cooked penne to it. steamed broccoli and voila! last and least, these british hamburgers that smell funny and taste nothing special. i prepared them in the oven. won't buy them again. to drink i made this soothing orange, mango, and cinnamon tea.

i still have pasta for two other meals. only need to think of some more veggies. this is my cooking philosophy: every time i step into the kitchen to cook it has to be food enough for at least two meals.

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