Thursday, 6 May 2010

to stay longer or not to stay longer

6 may 2010

photo from the entrance to lovers walk, near the post office and the banks Gower's building, in highfield.

i am just now listening to a james taylor video on youtube. i am at hartley library, on the highfield campus. i am happy. i got so much done since yesterday!!! sometimes i feel i am between writing here or writing there, my academic stuff, and preparing my teaching materials. but today, because i have checked a nice list of to-do things i figure i deserve some fun.

am now listening to 'shower the people'. james taylor sang before 'carolina in my mind' with the dixie chicks. i love them, too.

well, talking of today's schedule: i taught in the morning and rushed to avenue campus for a meeting with jo at 11am. the meeting was super productive and we both left it quite happy. yey!!! it was about planning my teaching, the end of the EAS semester, the long essay. . . everything looks beautiful. thank God!

then i ate a plum and a clementine (the tangerine's cousin), and also had coffee with ginger biscuits. i was planning to use this bite as my lunch.

now it is carly simon's 'you're so vain'. she was married to james taylor for about 22 years, i think :-)

i rushed back to highfield to do two things: 1. to post something to brazil. i also topped up my mobile at the post office. 2. to buy my ticket to the theatre for this coming saturday. the play is 'antony and cleopatra', from shakespeare. big time expectations on the way. i am going with agota, diana, and mathilde.

after the post office i was headed to the interchange, to catch the bus home. while waiting for the bus i started to ask myself whether i really did want to go home or to stay longer on campus. decide to stay longer and come to the library to try and get some stuff done, some serious reading and thesis writing, i mean.

since i was hungry i passed by uni shop and got myself a panini with chargrilled veggies, and a can of coca cola. i ate it and came to the library, just to realize i am not in the mood for more work. i have been sitting here for a while now, listening to music. the good point is that i sent out the emails i had planned to send these last three days. i have also made important contacts regarding my research.

what is the purpose of this post?
do you want to stay longer or not?

carly simon is singing 'coming around again'. so beautiful.

update - 4.27pm
time has come for me to leave, i'm afraid. i've listened to so many tunes, seen youtube videos. i am keeping one computer busy when so many other students need it to do real work. i started to feel very uncomfortable, really. but i still want to say about the other pearls i got to listen to:

carole king - some tunes. toni mitchell with james tayler. to wrap the garfield spell i am listening now to wonderful, wonderful diana krall singing 'a case of you'. please check this one out on youtube. she is amazing. as soon as she finishes i should be ready to leave.

it is only fair that i don't stay any longer. plus, i can work from home. why not?

au revoir, mes enfants :-)

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