Sunday, 30 May 2010

oh happy sunday

30 may 2010

the common park is so beautiful now with the new season and the amazingly beautiful green leaves on the trees. the birds are singing even more, i suspect. every day i see people who come there for walks, and they bring family and dogs with them. i am very fortunate to have the park as a possiblity of path to walk to uni. i have chosen to walk instead of riding the bus lately, maybe for three months. it feels so much nicer. the walk helps my digestion, and it is such a gift to appreaciate nature right here, just a 3-minute walk from home. and, what is just as importat: i feel safe there, even when i don't see people around. when i do see people coming towards my direction i don't fear anything. to me they are habitues, just like me. many people are very punctual at coming to the park to exercise.

li yu and i walked through it this morning on our way to uni. i went to hartley library to study and she was going to the sports rec, to swim. she is finished with assignments but i am still quite busy and actually super stressed out with bzzzbzzz. we got to the highfield campus, union shop, still chatted a little more and off li yu went to swim and i was headed to hartley. came across yuki, with whom i talked for about 20 minutes. she is a very nice friend of mine, and was, of cours, at the library for the same reasons as the many other peope who were there.

inside the park there is usually only people and not cars. today we found cars, tents and the ice cream car. these are all signs of a fair to take place during the day. people take advantage of every minute of good weather. brilliant!

maybe because i walked in this beautiful day, maybe because i am really loaded and behind on my work, maybe because i am not an irresponsible person afterall, maybe because i had so many inspiring companies at the library, i.e, people doing the same as me, but the fact is that today i was productive, not as much as i had hoped for, but i felt i moved forward.

i stayed at hartley until about 4pm. after that went to the stilo with diana and had dinner there. after that we walked to portswood road to buy food at the polish shop, to this blonde, blue eyed woman who speaks no english, and at the international shop, too. time to bed!

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