Sunday, 30 May 2010

the good fellow

30 may 2010

Nikki Puckney today gave me this nice thank you card for the time we shared the desk here at the office. she said i made her life so much easier by cooperation with her schedule to use the desk. i gave her the priority and thought this should be the right thing to do. she was here first and she was working on concluding her thesis. brave woman! i believe we two were respectful to each other and that is why we never had any problem. it is about trust, respect, and camaraderie.

the desk is only mine from now on and i can 'paint' it whatever colour i think fit. i'll see what i feel like doing in it. from the desk i see the window and have a little view of the outside world. it makes me feel good. yes, it is empowering to hold the key to the piece of 3-drawer filer. cheers!

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