Thursday, 20 May 2010

great coffee, great price

20 may 2010

i love the coffee from this machine. it is hot, creamy, and very very cheap: only 20p per cup. it is located on building 54 highgield campus, the mathematics and something else (physics?) building. i teach there on thursday mornings and always treat myself to a cuppa before going up to 8th floor to work. it is a warm start up indeed. sometimes i wonder why it is so cheap, because the coffee is very nice, but the plastic cup might be one of the reasons why. we always have better thermal cups for the take away drinks here. one of my friends complained about it the other day. i have no complaints on this matter. the gain is bigger.

by the way, i see on the walls of this building offers for scholarship for post grad courses related to physics and mathematics (i think). i mean, when it comes to rare intelligence yes, they do need people and offer opportunities with funding, which is great.

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