Sunday, 2 May 2010

film - 'walk the line'

about yesterday, 1 may 2010

. . . from highfield diana and i walked to her place, on kitchener road. there we met with agota and chatted chatted chatted bla bla bla bla bla. about what? our course here, our home countries, our life here, men (oh!), traveling, films, friendships, you name it. of course, relaxed and great talk, as always. i went to sleep over, as i said before.

the next door neighbour came buy the window to say hello. he is from goa, india, brought up in dubai. very young and nice guy. we invited him over to watch the film with us. the film we watched was 'walk the line', from director James Mangold, based on the book 'johnny cash', about the singer's life. Joaquin Phoenix plays the role of johnny cash and Reese Witherspoon plays june carter. we all liked the movie very much. love, alcool, dreams accomplished, hearts broken, and a beautiful musical career, spiced up with a love story he lived with june carter. even the most tragic event, when on screen, is softened. it all becomes a little surreal. i can imagine the pain he went through many times in his life, though.

oh, we prepared veggie salad and a tomato and cheese salad. we also had stone baked bread and grapes to munch. superb! we went to bed at about 2 o'clock in the morning. a tv at home is a great programme, especially in these chilly nights.

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