Friday, 7 May 2010

joy is in the air

7 may 2010

i am happy. got today the book i bought this week. got some work done. got a good contact with brazil. got to cook noodle soup with vegetables. got some thinking thought over. got the ticket for the play tomorrow, going with my folks. got the ticket for the flamenco music and dance performance next week. got to feel the beauty of of spring.

got hope. . . the taste of life is maybe the proper way to express it. yes, there is some pain, inevitable, predicted, tough, but hopefully for the better.

'tomorrow is another day'. scarlet o'hara
i love it from the italian movie 'l'uomo delle stelle': 'dopotutto, domani e un altro giorno'. scarlet o'hara

i know this text is ambigous. but it is very true to fact. good and bad. hot and cold. night and day. the taste of life. happy for the accomplished. sad for the losses. i search for the balance.

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