Thursday, 20 May 2010

a hectic day

20 may 2010

today i exceeded all acceptable practice of social engagement. yes, i did. guilt is my neighbour, ops, my name. it was a very intense and nice, yet stressful, day.

1. went early in the morning to highfield, to teach at 9am. worked until 10.30;

2. went to the saudy day event and there stayed until past 1pm;

3. walked to avenue hoping to get there and be productive;

4. back from a visit to the loo i came across alma rodriguez in the corridor, by our pgr kitchen. she was preparing a tea. there we stayed, standing, taaaalking forever. i wanted to leave, but she kinda ignored my moves to leave and kept telling her family stories, which i found highly interesting. i was interested in the talk, but worried about work. we also, of course, talked a great deal about our research projects, vivas and so on. diana stopped by but not for long.
(i was planning to come home afterwards because i was getting really tired)

5. wildson told me we brazilian students were to meet at the stag's head, this on-campus pub. i know every thursday there is this brazilian gathering at this pub. it is a nice place, very conveniently located, i really like it, but the music is way too loud if one wants to talk.

6. walked back to highfield to meet with the folks at the stag's head, about 8pm. well, met everyone there, got to meet new people and had a wonderful chat with wildson. we basically taked about freire, our man :-) when i left the pub it was around 11.20pm.

7. got the unilink home and here i am, happy, but drained and filled with guilt.

there is no pleasure when there is no balance. i mean, the things we did today were all great, i did enjoy everything, but a lesson i have to learn out of it: there has to be a limit to off research fun. this cannot be my routine. my routine here is clearly tied up with my research, to be short and precise. it is weekday, workday, then. this is another lesson, besides all the others learned throughout the day.

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